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Ingredient of the week: Aliya (Beef jerky)

 Aliya has a far more superior in taste than your usual beef (Image: Shutterstock)

Growing up I used to see my mum prepare Aliya and it was just fascinating. Watching fresh raw meat grow dry each day without rotting was just amazing.

In case you are wondering Aliya is a Luo word meaning dried beef. Most communities in Kenya preserve their meat using various methods but today I talk about Aliya.

 Slice your beef into strips and cover it in as much salt as you can (Image: Shutterstock)

Aliya is very easy to prepare. First you need say a kilo of fresh beef, then you will slice it into thin long strips.

Next on a large tray, you will generously add salt to your strips until it is fully covered then air your meat in a place where they can drip and slowly dry.

 The longer your Aliya stays dry the better the taste (Image: Shutterstock)

The best thing about Aliya is it can go for months before it is cooked and the longer you wait, the tastier it will be once you decide to prepare this delicious dish.

The one thing you should remember before cooking is to wash off all the salt used to preserve it. You can do this by first dipping it in warm water before you begin to boil.

 Aliya goes well with some ugali and greens (Image: Shutterstock)

Keep on repeating this procedure until your meat is palatable then now you can let it slowly boil until it is soft enough to be fried and made into gravy or some wet fry.

While most people prefer this dish with ugali, Aliya can work perfectly with some potato wedges and rice as well.

 Aliya is equally rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals (Image: Shutterstock)

As for its nutritional value, even though dried, Aliya is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that will keep your body healthier and wealthier.

Also Aliya is one of the best dishes you could cook your special guests, they will surely remember this delicious rare cuisine.

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