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I have just discovered my wife has her own site where she posts nude photos to other men


I’ve just discovered my wife has her own X-rated website where she blackmails men with kinky fetishes.

Her laptop is full of photos of men wearing women’s clothing which they send her.

I gather she then demands money or she threatens to expose them by putting their pictures up on her website.

I want to confront her, but where do I start? I’m not sure if what she is doing is even legal, although these men know what they’re getting into.

Coleen says

Um... I don’t think these men know that they are going to be blackmailed and what she is doing is definitely against the law.

Apart from that it is also devious and really cruel.

And why would you want to stay with someone who regards money as so important that they would resort to threatening and hurting people to get it?

If I found out a partner was doing anything like that I would be horrified and disgusted.

I would also be unable to go on living with that person.

Now every time she buys you a gift or takes you out for a drink, you’ll know where the money has come from. What she’s doing is vile.

You need to confront her as soon as possible. Don’t dance about on eggshells, but just come right out and tell her to stop it.

And remind her that what she’s doing could land her in court.

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