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Celebrity beauty and skincare secrets

Fashion and Beauty
 Luckily for us, a few of our faves have shared their beauty and skincare secrets on YouTube for us to follow? (Images: Instagram)

Skincare has grown in popularity over the last few years. With new tips and tricks being shared on the internet on almost a daily basis. Have you always wanted to know what some of your favourite celebrities do to maintain their beauty?

Luckily for us, a few of our faves have shared their beauty and skincare secrets on YouTube for us to follow. Different tools and methods work for different people but the beauty remains the same with these five women.

Remember that these are celebrities with a lot more money than the average person, so they probably incorporate expensive skin treatments into their routines. We still appreciate what they’ve shared with us and we hope you’ll be trying a few of them out.

Tamera Mowry

Many of us grew up watching the beautiful, one-half of the Sister Sister duo on the American television series. Funny thing is, the 41-year-old hasn’t aged that much since then. A few things have changed as she has matured, but she still looks like the goofy little girl that we all loved to watch on Sister Sister.

For starters, Tamera believes that food is a natural medicine for the body, so she tries to eat more plant-based meals. She also says that has reduced her alcohol consumption because of the negative effects that it has on the skin.

She never fails to wash off her makeup before bed – no matter how tired she is. She especially uses organic coconut oil to take off stubborn mascara and eyeliner to make sure that everything is completely off.

When applying her skincare products, she applies them from the lightest to the heaviest products to help with the absorption of each individual product. On top of this, she applies them in an upwards and outwards motion to avoid pulling her face downwards and speeding up the ageing process. Finally, she always wears sunscreen to prevent sun spots and skin damage.  


Chilli is literally the queen of anti-ageing. The 48-year-old songwriter, dancer and actress is a member of one of the best-selling girl groups in the 20th Century, TLC. We always admired her radiant, chocolate skin and baby hairs.

Well, Chilli is  as beautiful as ever and she keeps her beauty routine really simple. For one, Chilli does not eat fried food, drink any fizzy drinks or alcohol. This is not a surprise because her body is still on point!

She drinks plenty of alkaline water because when the body is more alkaline, diseases can’t thrive in alkalinity.

Chilli spends very little time in the sun, because of its damaging effects on the skin.

As for her gorgeous locks, she uses pure avocado as a hair mask for extra moisture and nourishment.

Halima Aden

Somali-America model, Halima, was the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant and become a semi-finalist. The 22-year-old beauty was born in a refugee camp in Kenya but has defied all odds by becoming a globally respected model.

To achieve her flawless skin, Halima first washes her hands before beginning her skincare routine to avoid transferring bacteria from her hands to her face. She then wipes her makeup off with a cleansing oil poured onto a face towel. She emphasises on being gentle when washing and drying her face.

When moisturising, she makes sure that she also moisturises her neck, collarbone and ears. Halima takes this time to gently massage her skin and reflect on life. She views skincare as a spiritual thing and a moment to reflect.

Her natural remedy for breakouts is honey, for moisture she uses an aloe vera leaf and for bright skin she uses turmeric.

Priyanka Chopra

It’s no surprise that Priyanka Chopra was the winner of Miss World 2000. She still has the hair, the looks and the body 20 years later. The 37-year-old Indian actress, singer and film producer remembers how her mum always took care of her skin and that inspired her to take skincare more seriously.

She uses organic coconut oil to take her makeup off by first massaging it onto her face, leaving it on for a few minutes and gently wiping it off with a hot face towel. Doing so makes it easier to wipe off the coconut oil as well as gently exfoliate the skin.

Her mum taught her to make an ‘Ubtan face mask’. She mixes 2 tablespoons of whole wheat flour, a pinch of turmeric, juice of half a lime, 1 tablespoon of full cream natural yoghurt and a few drops of rosewater. She applies it to clean skin and leaves it on her face for 20 minutes.

Another natural beauty recipe she makes is her lip scrub. She simply mixes sugar and rosewater for baby-soft lips.


Jeannie Mai

If you haven’t watched Jeannie and her crazy mother on her YouTube channel, Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai, you’re missing out on pure comedy. She is a talk show host on The Real, and she has come a long way since her How Do I Look? days.

The 41-year-old television personality looks 20 years younger thanks to her skincare routine and her Asian genes, as she once said, “Black don’t crack and Asian don’t raisin”. Just like Halima, Jeannie is very gentle with her face because skin elasticity simply cannot grow back.

While she is cleansing her face, she massages it to increase blood circulation. Two to three times a week, Jeannie exfoliates her face with a store-bought sugar scrub, which she adds coffee grounds to. She states that coffee is an anti-inflammatory, gives the skin anti-oxidants and depuffs the eye area.

She finishes with one of the most important components of skincare which is an SPF 50 sunscreen. Jeannie is actually working on her own skincare line and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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