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How to tell if you are the in-law people 'hate'

 It is common to hear about people who have had to deal with mean mothers-in-law [Courtesy]

In most family drama stories, you will hear about people who have had to deal with mean mothers-in-law, cold relatives, and uncomfortable situations where the person narrating the story is the victim.

The common theme is ‘this and that person did this to me’ and it’s rare to come across someone who actually suspects that they’re the problem.

Obviously, no one ever wants to be the bad guy in their story but sometimes you have to face the reality when you’re the one that needs to work on yourself.

You need to be aware of the signs that show you’re not that friendly in-law you thought you were all along. Here is how to tell if you are the problem.

You are usually excluded from plans

Everyone is usually so busy with their own lives and we don’t always have time to attend every family event that comes up.

But, it still hurts when you’re always seeing photos of a fun gathering after it’s already happened and more specifically, one that you were not aware of at all.

Maybe the reason why they don’t bother to tell you about anything is because they don’t want you there.

 If your in-laws rarely suggest visiting you, you might be the in-law they don’t like [Courtesy]

People avoid you in family gatherings

The only time you will be invited for something is when you absolutely have to be on the list. They might wait for big events like a wedding for you to be informed and even here, it’s a 50-50 chance.

During these gatherings, you might see that people don’t want to sit next to you or interact with you.

You will get this awkward passive-aggressive energy in the room and the only people that might care to talk to you are your spouse and maybe the kids because they don’t know what’s going on anyway.

No one visits you

There are those relatives that you’re usually so excited to visit because you enjoy being in their company. Then there are those ones that you won’t even think of visiting, ever because well, you don’t like them.

If your in-laws rarely suggest visiting you, you might be the in-law they don’t like. It’s also a sign if they act like they would come to see you soon but that day never arrives.

Ask yourself why this keeps happening to you and where you might have gone wrong.

You’re at the center of family drama

It’s not always easy to seamlessly blend families and sometimes, you’re not at fault at all.

But if you honestly reflect on most of those family dramas and you see that you’re the one who has an issue with everyone, you might the problem.

It’s definitely not a good sign if drama keeps following you. It might be the reason why people don’t like you.

No one checks up on you

This is also a problem if your relatives aren’t concerned about you. When it’s your birthday, no one wishes or celebrates with you and you’re always the one who reaches out to others most of the time.

If it takes a while before any of your in-laws return your missed calls or respond to certain cues that require some sort of reaction, it’s a sign.

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