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Real-life Rapunzel hasn't cut her hair since she was five, now it's 6ft long

 Alena has been growing her hair since she was five years old (Photo courtesy)

A real-life Rapunzel with 6.5ft-long natural hair has revealed the secret to growing long locks.

Business owner Alena Kravchenko, 35, from Odessa, Ukraine, has been growing her hair since she was five after her mum told her women should have long hair.

Now, it's so long she often steps on it when it hangs loose.

For the last 30 years, Alena has been painstakingly caring for her locks with a strict haircare routine.

Alena washes her hair just once a week in a process that takes 30 minutes and never combs her hair whilst wet to prevent breakages nor does she use heat to dry it, preferring to air dry her hair naturally.

Alongside her simple haircare routine, Alena uses hair masks and head massages to keep her mane looking sleek.

According to Alena, anyone can achieve the same impressive hair length as she has if they have the patience and aspiration to let their hair grow.

 Alena says her hair is now six and a half foot long (Image: MDWfeatures@alenuwka_longhair)

She showcases her gorgeous hair on Instagram under the handle @alenuwka_longhair, where she has racked up an incredible 57,000 followers.

Alena says her six-and-a-half-foot long hair garners a lot of attention online, especially from men, and turns heads in public as people ask to touch her hair and take pictures with her.

"My path to long hair started at the age of five," said Alena.

"It was at that moment that my hair was cut short and I never went to the hairdresser for a haircut again.

"Since childhood, my mother told me that a woman should have long hair.

"These thoughts are deeply rooted in my mind and I have been growing my hair with great love for all these years.

"In order for the volume of my hair to be long as well as well-groomed, I am very careful with my haircare. I use natural masks, a selection of professional cosmetics, rinse my hair in herbs, and do head massages regularly.

"Now, I have reached a unique length because my hair is longer than my height and I really like it.

"I love to stand out from the crowd, I love being compared to a princess because it makes me a unique and unusual person.

"Men love natural blondes and with this length, I am always the centre of their attention both among locals in my city and on social networks.

"Many people in the city know me and every time they see me they admire my length and rare golden hair colour.

"Passers-by ask me if they can take pictures, ask if my hair is real, ask to touch it and often don't believe their eyes when they see me.

 She washes her hair once a week and the whole process takes 30 minutes (Image: MDWfeatures@alenuwka_longhair)

The reaction is only ever positive and people are shocked in a good sense.

"There are no particular inconveniences in having hair this long but if I let my hair down, I step on it, this is the only uncomfortable moment. I try to wear my hair in a high ponytail so that the hair does not touch the ground."

Alena went onto discuss her hair care routine and how she believes anyone can achieve long hair like hers.

"Advice from me to those who want long and healthy hair is that each woman is able to grow their hair long like mine with great desire and aspiration," said Alena.

"If you measure the length of my hair from the forehead, my hair reaches six-feet-six-inches.

"I wash my hair once a week, the washing process itself takes about thirty minutes, but before that I do a strengthening mask, which I walk around with for about an hour.

"I never dry my hair with a hairdryer, I do not comb it when wet, I blot it very gently with a towel to absorb excess moisture.

"My hair is a result of years of hard work, not the result of just a few months."

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