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Five signs that you need to detox your body

Healthy Eating
 Some take water for a week or two to substitute all other sugary drinks (Shutterstock)

Believe it or not, your body speaks to you every day. Just like you can tell when it’s time to go to bed because you are tired or when you are hungry and you know it’s time to eat, in the same way, your body communicates to you when it’s time to detox.

Detoxing simply means taking time out from unhealthy foods to help your body get rid of toxic substances. People have different ways of detoxing, some people will take water for a week or two to substitute all other sugary drinks while others will take green tea. It all depends with what works for you.

Here are signs that your body badly needs detoxing now:

Persistent fatigue

This is the most common telltale sign that your body needs detoxing. You are constantly tired and you find it hard to complete scheduled tasks. Do you feel like even if you have slept for hours and hours you still wake up as tired as you went to bed? It’s time to detox.

In most cases when fatigue is caused by accumulation of toxins in your body, it won’t be remedied by standard methods like taking coffee or energy drinks. You will need more than just caffeine to do the trick, detoxing. After this you will even notice your energy levels start to improve.

Skin problems

When your skin starts acting out, this could be a sign that you need to detox like yesterday. Some of these issues include dry skin, rashes, and breakouts on your face and sometimes even itchiness which may cause you some discomfort.

You will find yourself in the habit of asking people what they are using on their skin because nothing seems to work for you anymore, this is because most of these issues are being caused by toxins in your body. Your skin is your best shot at knowing something is wrong with your body, best you detox before the issue gets out of hand.

 The easiest way to detox naturally is to add more green vegetables to your diet and drink lots of water (Shutterstock)

Weight gain

Of course taking unhealthy foods will cause unnecessary weight gain and sometimes you can try to diet and nothing works. When you try losing weight and it is all in vain, you could consider detoxing first. In most cases weight gain will be accompanied by a constantly bloated stomach that will seem impossible to get rid of.

Also you will notice you are constipated and you will constantly release gas and this could be embarrassing in public. Most toxins in your body are considered obesogens, meaning they add to weight gain.

Frequent headaches

Headaches might be a sign of many underlying issues, but when you have ruled out everything and still your headaches seem to be persisting. This could be a sign that you need to detox. In most cases headaches will go hand in hand with fatigue and you won’t be able to concentrate on one thing for a while.

Even the tasks that you could manage before will start giving you a hard time. Headaches may sometimes be accompanied by mood swings, you will notice you are always in a foul mood. It is obviously time to detox. However once you have detoxed and your headaches still persist, seek medical attention.


Last but not least is insomnia. If you find yourself sleepless at night then this could be a sign that your body needs cleansing. In most cases, there could be an imbalance in your cortisol levels. Cortisol hormone is released by the body to relieve stress. Cortisol levels are highest in the morning and they drop progressively throughout the day to help you get restorative sleep at night.

When you experience insomnia it means that your cortisol levels are highest in the evening and you feel more active at night. Meaning you will not get your restorative sleep at night and this will lead to persistent fatigue, frequent headaches, mood swings and inability to concentrate on tasks. Which are all telltale signs that your body needs detoxing.

Tip: The easiest way to detox naturally is simply to add more green vegetables to your diet and drink lots of water.

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