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Fashion Friday Inspo: Slay your pear shaped body with these style tips


The super stylish and beautiful Jalisa Vaugh is this week’s Fashion Friday Inspo. The 27-year-old American online content creator is popularly known for her stylish outfits, and curves that could stop traffic. She shows us, fellow pear-shaped girls, how to style a figure that has a narrow upper body with a wide lower body.

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The pear shape is the most common body shape among women according to Jill Martin on Just like an actual pear, women with this body shape have a much smaller bust and shoulder area compared to their wider hip area. It is not uncommon for ladies shaped this way to feel self-conscious about having fairly small breasts, and yet, struggle to find the perfect bottoms that fit their wide hips.

Jalisa is all-natural and we love it! She knows how to style her figure in a variety of clothes that you probably wouldn’t think look good on pear-shaped girls. Here are a few items that should make it into your wardrobe if you are a curvy girl.

Vertical stripes are better than horizontal stripes as they don't make you look wider
You can still rock low cut v-necks beautifully if you're smaller in the chest area
High waist jeans should be your go-to jeans if you have a narrow waist and wide hips
Swimwear done right!
A low cut v-neck and high slit can amp up a basic black dress
Wide-legged pants are certainly a wardrobe staple for all body shapes
The best thing about having smaller bust is being able to walk around braless
You don't need to have a slim figure to rock a male inspired suit dress, all body shapes can feminise this masculine cut
Finding fitting jeans is a huge struggle for pear-shaped girls but this high waist, distressed pair hug Jalisa in all the right places
Always opt for a jumpsuit that is synched in at the waist line to avoid looking frumpy
You can never go wrong with a sexy red body con dress!

(Images: Instagram - @jalisaevaughn)

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