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Love it: How to handle loss like a boss

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The end of a friendship, marriage or even working relationship can leave you with feelings of bitterness, anger, hurt and resentment that you can’t shake off. However, in order to set yourself on the road to recovery, it is important that you put a few basic steps in action.

1. Respect the decision

Avoid going over the what-ifs. Dwelling on how your actions could have changed the outcome will not change things and only prolongs the healing.

2. Do not look for closure

It is tempting to seek closure from the very person causing you pain but the need for closure is often a ploy to sneak in one final interaction.

3.  Focus on self-improvement

The end of a relationship is an ideal time to work on self-improvement, such as getting in physical shape, pursuing further studies, travelling, pampering yourself or simply taking more time for yourself.

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