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Kitchen Gadget: Temperature controller

The Dorkfood Sous-Vide (DSV) Temperature Controller. (Image:Courtesy of

The secret weapon in the kitchens of high-end restaurants can finally find its way into your kitchen. The Dorkfood Sous-Vide (DSV) Temperature Controller, may not exactly blend in with your kitchen décor, and it only works with certain types of cookers. DSV is a trendy, foodie-supported means of precision cooking that suspends vacuum sealed ingredients in a water bath held to an ultra-consistent temperature. It works such that it is connected to your cooker containing water and will cycle its power on and off to keep the water precisely as hot as your recipe demands, for as long as you need. The result is consistent cooking throughout your pot and just the right flavour. It is easy to use; hold down the “Set” button until the display flashes, then use the “+” and “-” buttons to set the target temperature.

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