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Prince Harry snubs Donald Trump at palace after he branded Meghan Markle "nasty"

Prince Harry spotted in background as Donald Trump and family are given a tour

With his wife Meghan and Donald Trump at loggerheads, Prince Harry found himself in an awkward position yesterday as the US President visited the royals.

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And he appeared to do all he could to avoid the US leader during a viewing of artefacts in the Buckingham Palace Picture Gallery.

As Mr Trump and wife Melania looked at the treasures on the first day of their state visit to Britain, Harry stood at the back of the room with a face like thunder.

Prince Harry stood at the back of the room as Trump toured the gallery
Harry held back as Trump went round the gallery with the Queen
The Prince's wife, Meghan Markle, branded Trump 'misogynistic' during his campaign

The meeting came after Mr Trump had branded Meghan “nasty” because she called him “divisive” and “misogynistic” during his 2016 presidential campaign.

An onlooker at the gallery said: “Prince Harry certainly appeared to keep his distance from the president and the First Lady, during the walk round of the royal collection.

“He stayed at the back of the room for the entire time, rocking back on his heels looking totally uninterested.”

Palace aides insisted the viewing was “not a structured procedure”.

Meghan has made her views well-known on Trump

Meghan avoided an embarrassing meeting with Mr Trump as she only gave birth to her and Harry’s first child Archie four weeks ago.

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The Prince had attended a lunch with the President and his entourage before the gallery trip, but he was not at a lavish banquet for him at the Palace later.

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