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How to prevent hunger pangs while on a plant-based diet

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Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular for health reasons. More and more people are turning away from animal products, resulting in the rise of plant-based movement.

However, if you have recently started eating a plant-based diet, you may have noticed you are struggling with hunger, despite eating large quantities of foods.

Eating vegan proteins will help you stay full for longer

The reason is that protein keeps you feeling fuller longer, and plant based diets are often carb-dense. In addition, plants are high in fibre and low in calories, so while they may leave you feeling stuffed, you may not be eating as much as you imagine.

In order to maintain the feeling of satiation, incorporate into each meal high protein foods like beans and legumes, high fat foods like avocado, nut butter and cold-pressed oils and whole foods like brown rice and sweet potato. The nutrient-dense foods will help keep the hunger pangs at bay.

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