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Five habits of happy mums

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With all the demands that come with motherhood, it’s hard to remember that you deserve to be happy and to have a life of your own. A happy mum means a happy family. Hence, it is important to slow down so you can take better care of yourself and foster happiness.

1. Make time for yourself

Make time to rest. If you can, sleep in once in a while. Prepare your favourite meal and enjoy it in peace. Go out and either meet your friends or enjoy a day on your own doing what you like. Pamper yourself; get a hair do, get your nails done, update your wardrobe.

Make time each morning to have a healthy breakfast and plan your day.

2. Exercise

Not having a gym membership is not an excuse not to exercise. Go out for a walk. Fresh air will instantly improve mood. You can also go online and find exercise routines that are suitable even for a beginner.

Frequent exercise will help you lose the extra weight and tone your body. You will look and feel good.

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3. Be content

Avoid comparing yourself, your family or spouse to anybody else. Be happy with where you are as a family, with the car that you own, the house or neighbourhood you live in, the school your children go to, etc. Comparison will suck out all the happiness from your life.

Stop waiting for the ideal moment so you can be happy. Find joy in the seemingly mundane everyday routine. Spend time with your children individually. As your children get older it becomes harder to spend time with them so take advantage of the time you have together.

4. Forgive

Learn how to forgive any offense done to you. Forgive yourself when you seem to fail in your parenting like when you lose your temper or you allow your child to watch TV during meals. Forget about these ‘failures’. Time spent brooding is time you could be spend living your best life.

5. Laugh

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It’s important for your children to see you happy. Laugh out loud whenever appropriate. Your kids will enjoy seeing this side of you.

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