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#MCM: Charles Njagua Kanyi a.k.a Jaguar, bringing change one hit at a time.


Music artiste Jaguar

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

With accolades to show for his musical brand, Charles Njagua Kanyi a.k.a Jaguar’s impact on local Kenyan music cannot go unnoticed. With his most recent hit “Huu Mwaka” spreading fast across the airwaves, one would think that he has always had it all!

In a recent interview with KTN, Jaguar admitted that his quest to make it in the Kenyan music scene was not always rosy. Having checked into Nairobi without knowledge of where or how he would record his music and release it to the public, it took him a while to settle with a record label that could tend to his needs and make him a star.

His first hits included Fanya Mambo, Furaha, Jina Langu, Nikuskize, Nimetoka Mbali , as well as collaborations like Vuka Boarder featuring Tanzania’s AY. However as his grasp of the music expanded, so did his accolades and fan base.

With captivating videos that tell of the society and its state, Jaguar recorded the hit song Kigeugeu which many resonated to thanks to the message therein. Instantly the song became a hit with politicians using it in their campaigns while Kenyan hummed it as a reflection of the system.

This led him to win accolade and perform at international levels, to Kenyan in the Diaspora where his brand was fast rising.

Soon after, he released Kipepeo, Kioo, and One Centimeter, all of which are still popular in the local scenes.

His philanthropic side is also quite prominent. Overtime, he has been able to pay fee to some of the bright but needy student, offset medical fees for, carry out charity activities, and be a goodwill ambassador for the Kenyan youth.

Unknown to many he is also a proud father and most recently he shared a photo of his daughter going to school with the captions “Make me proud”.

Voted one of the top 40 influential Kenyans, Jaguar is a force to reckon with and a motivation to many youths who resonate with his music and values. On this note, he is our MCM today.

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