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Men Only: The story of Jess, the petite and very pretty double date dealer

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The following is a true story. Jessica, who all her friends call Jess, is a petite and very pretty January 6 baby. That doesn’t have much to do with our story today, at least until you get to the end.

Hadithi? Hadithi njooo! Sawa. So Jess graduated from Campus in the November of 2017, and her family and relatives were very happy, and threw her a big bash back in the boondocks. That December, Jessica dumped her boyfriend, Bob (she had been dating him all through college) because she found irrefutable proof on his phone (why do men drink and forget to lock phones?) that he had been having a long side affair with his ex, Esther.

Esther was the older then-college girl Bob had dumped for Jessica, who he claimed he had fallen in love with at first sight (and way prettier than plain old Esther).

Anyway, Jess turned 22 in January last year, sad that she was back to single; but at least she now had her own simple house in Zimmerman. And a job paying Sh30,000 a month, working for a guy running his own small business in tao. Her boss, Edward/Eddie, was a slightly overweight 45-year-old, with a round boyish face, and married to a woman three months pregnant (let’s call her Page) last January, 2018.

Jess would come to the office and find flowers on her desk, or chocolate in her desk drawer. She clearly had a secret admirer in the office, but she did not know who! On Valentine’s Day last year, she found a beautiful necklace gift-wrapped in her desk drawer. The following Friday, her boss Eddie and Jess went for a business lunch, and when the client had left, Eddie confessed that he was her secret admirer.

In no time, they began a secret office affair, at first with Jess just staying on late till everyone had gone home - (Edward had a couch in the office); then increasingly going for lunch (to meet clients), but not returning for remainder of the afternoon, to go for hotel trysts.

Eddie, after a hard week of work, dedicated weekends to his family - two kids, plus a paged wife, leaving Jessica with free time to hang out with her girlfriends. (By then, he had increased her salary to fifty thao a month, and furnished her Zimmerman flat).

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It was on Saturday, June 30, at her friend’s 23rd birthday bash that Jess met Ronnie, a popular celebrity. He was engaged (to a foreign woman) but he asked Jess out to accompany him to a gig in Malindi the following weekend.

Jessica said ‘yes’ (to the address) and that is how, in the second half of the year, she found herself in two very hot affairs. Weekday afternoons with her boss, Edward, weekend gigs all over the country with Ron, 38 years old. ‘I was very tired, but very happy,’ Jess told me.

On October 13 last year, a Saturday, Ronnie’s fiancée broke off the engagement, saying she felt disconnected from him (you are mentally not there during the week, and weekends, you’re away, with not even a phone call)!

As it turned out, Ronnie’s fiancée returned to her country to marry her true love, the man she had left for Kenya, and now realised was The One! ‘Good riddance,’ Ron said, and within a week, Jessica had moved in with him to his nice apartment in Kileleshwa. But her affair with Edward continued!

Things came to a head on New Year’s Eve when Jessica went for a Dec 31 gig with Ronnie to a Mombasa hotel where, by bad luck, Eddie was staying with his wife and (now) three children.

‘I’m with my real boyfriend,’ Jess hissed at Eddie, who had no idea when Jess got a boyfriend. After his family had retired to bed after dinner, Edward came to drink as he watched Ron’s gig. Unfortunately, Jess had gone to her room, tired from tension.

At some point after the show, Eddie cornered Ronnie, told him Jessica was his ‘employee and lover,’ and showed him smart-phone pictures of Jess in bed, and in the nude. Ronnie dumped a devastated Jess that night. In revenge, Jessica forwarded incriminating love messages from Eddie to his horrified wife, Page.

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Jess turned 23 two Saturdays ago. She is single again, like this time last year, and living in South C with her big sister. She is also jobless, two months pregnant, and not sure who’s responsible!


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