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Trio in polyamorous relationship 'want to raise children together as a family' and 'are planning three-way wedding'

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A man, his wife, and their lover in a three way relationships have talked about raising kids together as a family, according to reports.

Terry and Brittney Stroup, 26 and 28, and 27-year-old Lindsay Schoepf are also reportedly planning on having a wedding or commitment ceremony all together. The trio from California, USA, insist jealousy is not an issue between them - and their families all approve of their relationship.

They even each have tattoos representing their love for each other, one being a triangle to represent their three way love.

Lindsay told The Sun: “Human beings are capable of so much love and now that we are together it seems so stifling to only have those feelings for one person at a time.It started as a love between the three of us and that it what it will always be. We have talked about having kids- we have seen plenty of triads successfully raise families together and it's beautiful.”

They've all known each other for 12 years but have been romantically involved for three. The lovers grew up in the same town with Brittney and Lindsay being best friends during high school.

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Lindsay and Terry also dated for a while. Then Brittney and Terry became a couple in sixth form and got married the same year. It was when Lindsay then moved into their home as a roommate in 2016 that things changed and they started to share their love.

On Brittney and Terry's one year anniversary, they decided to propose to Lindsay. Lindsay say they all bring something different to the relationship and feel that they are never alone. She said they all know where they stand with each other.

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