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Celebrity face off: Huddah vs Vera Sidika, who rocks it better?

Socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have been ‘rivals’ for quite a while now especially in business and on social media influence. The two self-made millionaires travel the world advertising their respective brands.

 Vera Sidika owns a hair company, a Herbal Detox brand and recently she opened a multi-million beauty parlor in Nairobi. She has 858k followers on her Instagram account.

Huddah Monroe owns an international cosmetics company and another one only for Kenyans. She has more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account.

Here we compare their different outfits as they are on their Instagram pages. What are your thoughts on their fashion?

  1. Electric colors long beach dress
  2. Bikini and kimono one color total look 
  3. Jeans with basic black t-shirt 
  4. Black Lycra outfit 
  5. Military print with white basic t-shirt 
  6. White swimsuit 
  7. Bathrobe 
  8. Jeans with white crop-top 
  9. Flesh-colored outfit with cap
  10. Yellow dress

The two socialites seem to have a similar taste in terms of outfits

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