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Resist idle men who sit by the roadside

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  • Only God knows the number of times I have had to swallow the ‘Adams apple’ within my throat before a huge group of over excited men - this calibre of men who just sit somewhere plotting how to make the life of an innocent women a living hell.
  • For instance, why would men in their late twenties sit by the roadside only and make funny noises and faces whenever a young lady walks by? Is it just to intimidate her?

 Some even make noises that sound like a fire cracker just before it explodes. You are innocently walking by a place minding your own business and before you know it, a sound of ‘Ahuuuu!’ cuts throught the air. When you turn to look at the source of the noise, you discover that it is a group of idle, male adults - men old enough to be your elder brothers - and they are having the “time of their lives” at your expense.

One day, as I was walking down a street in Eldoret and minding my own business, I saw a group of men having their lunch. This didn’t bother me until they all started screaming just as I went past them. You should have seen how fast I dashed into a chemist thinking there was some danger behind me.

At the door, I crashed into the people who were rushing out to see what the commotion was all about. Confused, I joined them in looking back outside only to be met by the young men laughing their hearts out.

What really goes through the minds of these men? They behave like aliens who have been ‘imported’ from a male-dominated planet with the ratio of men to women being 100:1. This breed of men have made life almost unbearable for women. Some women are forced to take longer routes to their destinations because they want to avoid a particular group of idle men who hang out in a certain corner (for no apparent reason other than to shout “Ahuuuuu!” like wolves.

One actually needs the heart of an elephant and the feet of a deer to pass by these men. The worst part is that they are always sitting there as though they earn a sitting allowance by doing so. They call their idling place ‘base’.

Then there is always that one of them who feels like the lion and is ever ready to walk toward the terrified woman and pretend he cares. He will walk beside you, assuring you all is well as he pretends to calm down his ‘pride’ on the other end. He will occasionally look back and wink at them as he secretly gives them a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

By that time, your legs are wobbling like overcooked spaghetti as you try to re-acquaint yourself with your surroundings and find the fastest way out of that ‘jungle’. 

Annoyingly enough, these men have invaded almost every path in the city. They are everywhere; on your way to church, the local shop, to school, the bus station -  even just outside your gate. They only maintain their cool if you pass by them when you are in the company of a male. Not just a male, but a huge stern-faced one who is either chocolate or dark

Do not try walking past them with a slim light-skinned man. My friend! The two of you will be in for the most abrupt marathon of all times, filled with cries of “Ahuuuuuuu!”. These men are werewolves!

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