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Dear men, never say or do any of these things when a woman is naked

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  • Men rarely think about the insecurities and issues every woman has with their body more so when she is naked.
  • She may act the opposite but in essence every woman has that one thing in her body she is not happy with.

Women are most vulnerable when they’re naked and an ill-considered comment at that moment can quickly escalate into a big bowl of trouble. This can affect your relationship and send her confidence to a nose dive.

To help you not shoot yourself on the foot, here are no-no’s when it comes to a naked woman you should know.

  1. ‘’What are you doing?’’

When she’s feeling all sexy and coming onto you, that’s the last question you should ask her. The reason she is doing it is simply because she is trying to make you feel good. So think about it when you shut her down. Instead of being insensitive about it why don’t you distract her with something like, ‘I want to show you something you will like.’ This is a nice way to quickly turn any unwanted maneuvers into something more serviceable.

  1. ‘’Not in the mood’’

There is nothing wrong with that or being tired and you’re absolutely entitled to that. You don’t have to spring to action every time she wants some but it is how you decline her offer that will determine whether you will ever get lucky. A curt ‘’not in the mood,’’ or ‘’not tonight’’ can cause women to think it has something to do with her. Hold her and assure her it has nothing to do with her and you will be happy to reciprocate once your lust comes roaring back.

  1. ‘’Oh you don’t shave?’’

Body hair is a preference and whatever that is, don’t expect your preference for pubic hair to supersede hers. Do not critique her handiwork or lack thereof when you’re in the moment. You’ll make her feel distracted and self-conscious. Studies have shown that women with a more positive body image are fully present in the moment and are more likely to experience greater sexual satisfaction and a greater frequency of orgasms.

  1. ‘’Why do you even go to the gym?’’

Just because you see what you perceive to be a lack of muscle tone especially when she is trying so hard to lose weight or get to a certain shape, don’t say it when she is naked. That demonstrates a lack of enthusiasm and it’s like throwing an orgasm-wrecking grenade into her brain. Instead, why don’t you compliment her about what you love about her body. She’ll feel great about those parts and be more motivated to be at her best for you. While at it, make sure you also look good for her naked.

  1. ‘’You have to go’’

Never ever say these words after a wild trip to the jungle once it is over and done and she is still naked perhaps asleep even or catching her breath. You should show her an appropriate amount of reverence when she’s standing there in her birthday suit. A good way to diminish the moment is to talk about literally anything else especially if it has to do with her leaving abruptly. This will kill her self-esteem and make her feel worthless and used. While it may be genuine she needs to leave perhaps because you have an early morning, or you share a flat, let her know early enough it will be a short session because of xyz.

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