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Menstrual health day: Eight foods that can help ease period pains

Monthly periods come with their dose of pains that often vary from one woman to another. As often as one has them, no one ever gets used to the cramps and or the cycle. It is something we brave and prepare for either way.

The pain can be extreme for some that they have to take pills to get through. After a while, your system might become immune to a certain drug. Good news is that before, during and after your cycle, there are certain foods that one can take to reduce the intensity of the pains.

Here are some of the natural and healthy foods that may help ease your pain.

1. Natural probiotic or Low-fat Yogurt: as much as you might like your dairy products, there are some that can trigger cramps. If you cannot keep away from them, you can have this option.  The friendly bacteria enhance a healthy digestive system and lower the risk of developing PMS.

2. Vegetables: Kale and spinach and other leafy green vegetables are rich in calcium that the body desperately needs during this period to maintain muscle tone and reduce bloating.

3. Water: Taking enough water is essential for the body at all times but what makes it even better during your menses is that it keeps you hydrated. With enough water intake, your body will not retain fluids which works in keeping you comfortable.

4. Bananas: just as they prevent muscle cramps after exercising, they work the same way for period cramps. They are an instant energy booster which can also help you be productive, it is high in fiber and ease digestion.

5. Pineapple: There is a compound mixture of ingredients in the pineapple that reduce irritation and aid your muscles to relax which then reduces cramps. In addition, it helps reduce bloating which sometimes happen for women during their menses.

6. Steak: You are not doomed to be a vegetarian when trying to combat the pain with natural remedies. Steak is rich in iron which the body desperately needs when one has a heavy flow or if their periods lasts for more than four days.

7. Salmon: If red meat is not your call but your love your white substitute, then here is your option. Rich in omega-3 and Vitamin D, the cold-water fish healthy fats has anti-inflammatory benefits decreasing the pain.

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