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Names every woman wishes their partners used on them

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  • There are some little secrets that women hold dear to their hearts while in relationships.
  • Almost every girl has something she wishes her partner knew or did but she lacks the confidence to talk about it out of shyness or whatever reason.

Pet names are one major secret. See, women are sweet and emotional in nature and they need to feel wanted all the time. There are sweet names that your girl wishes you could use on her only as they would make her feel some type of special. Here are some

Sweetheart\Sweetie- As old school as it is and as it may sound, there is something about being referred to as sweetheart by your one true love if and only if he uses it on just you and not every other woman.

Honey – You are as sweet as honey!! Yeah, another old school name that women like to hear from their partners.

Gorg- Simply the short form for gorgeous. When you call your woman gorg, it makes her feel gorgeous for and in a cute way.

Sugar- Yeah, my sweetness. Used to make a woman feel as sweet as sweet can be. Sugar for a pet name would amuse any woman.

Cuddle bug- If your lady loves to cuddle then cuddle bug is the perfect pet name for her. It makes her feel like you enjoy her cuddles just as she enjoys yours.  

Hottie- Simple slang for Hot. Which woman wouldn’t want to be viewed as hot?? Moreso, by her partner? I suppose none. So when you call her hottie, trust me she feels hot for you.

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My love bug- She is your love and cute. That’s bit. She is your love bug. You just cannot bring yourself to resist her.

Dove- Lovely, fragile and graceful just like a dove. If you find your woman warm and graceful enough to liken her to a dove, then dove should be her pet name.


Of importance to note though, you should use these names on your woman only and not every other woman around. Otherwise they will fail to serve the purpose.

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