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9 Common Kenyan superstitions

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We all can’t deny that in one way or another, we are superstitious about some things that happen or fail to happen in our lives. Though we live in the 21st century, this element is still part of us. Here are some facts that prove we are:

The left foot mystery

Have you ever tripped and hurt your left foot and you were on your way to do something, meet someone or attend to something? Chills run down your spine as you get a feeling of foreboding. When you fail, you remember your little accident and believe that a sign was given to you. You wish you had instead hit your right foot as it is a sign of luck.

The shooting star

We grew up believing when you see a shooting star and make a wish before it disappears, your wish will come true. Even though some wishes don’t come to pass, you will still make a wish when whenever you see a shooting star.

Itching of your right palm

Money is what comes into your mind when you feel itchy on your right palm. You believe that it’s a sign that you will receive money. I was once warned never to scratch it no matter how itchy it is. Apparently when you do so, you will ‘chase’ the money away. On the other hand (literally), scratching your itchy left hand is necessary so that you do not end up giving out or losing money.

Blinking of eyes continuously

When our eyes blink continuously some believe its normal while to others it signs of something that will happen. Some cultures believe that if it’s the left eye then you will cry as you may lose a relative but if it’s the right eye it’s going to rain heavily.

Biting of your tongue

Have you ever bitten your tongue while eating or even talking? I did that and was warned that someone could be talking about me.

Raining during your wedding day

Have you ever attended a wedding during sunny weather and it suddenly rains? You will hear some people saying that it’s a blessing and will sing songs thanking the Lord for the blessing during this special day.

To others it’s a sign that the groom used to eat from the pot or sufuria in his teenage days. You will hear the bride’s relatives saying or even singing that it’s good that the groom was getting married to their daughter as now she will cook and serve him on a plate and no more eating from the pot or sufuria!

The owl’s presence

An owl is always seen as a sign of a bad omen. Any presence of it around your compound indicates a loss of one member of your relatives (a funeral). So when it’s seen around the compound, one is advised to send it away. Even though we don’t know if it’s true or not when we see an owl we send it away. I think that’s reason why owls are very rare to be seen.

Choking on your saliva when talking

When you are talking and suddenly your saliva chocks on you and you start coughing to others it’s not just a natural thing. I once was chocked in a market while I was talking to the grocer then a women behind me told me “kuna mtu anakutaja mahali” (somebody somewhere is mentioning you). So I was told to take water and relax but I kept on wondering who could be that mentioning my name!!

The tooth mystery

I remember when I was a kid and I was at the stage of shedding my milk teeth; the tooth that I shaded I was told to throw it at the rooftop of the house as it will be a taken away by birds and my tooth will grow faster.

While others believe that you should keep it under your pillow for it to grow faster. Even though now I wonder if it could have been true or it was a way of making us accepts the loose of our precious milk teeth! Though I don’t know if is true or not but it actually what I will tell my kids to do!

So what comes to your head when you read this?

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