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Conquer your greatest fear and live life to the fullest

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Fear is not a strange thing. Everyone is afraid of something, but the trick is to conquer your fear to achieve your greatest dreams.   Someone once said: “Do not let your fears choose your destiny.”

Here is a guide to help you face your fears:

  • Identify your fear

You cannot face what you do not know. It is important to be specific of the kind of fear you are facing. Are you afraid of heights? Are you scared to leave comfort zone? Once you know this, it will be easier to find solutions to these fears.

You can start off by journaling your fears. Write down how you felt when you became afraid and how it has affected you. Keep track of how you were able to overcome these fears in the past as it will make you feel better and motivated.

  • Go easy on yourself

Do not be too hard on yourself.  Most people react to their own fears with self-criticism and even impatience, especially when their solutions have failed. This will only make things harder for you, and even aggravate your fears. 

Try to understand your fears and have compassion for yourself. You will feel even better.

  • Face your fear

Every time you get scared, try not to let it consume you.  Rather face it; get comfortable with it so that it does not dictate how you live your life. Keep reminding yourself that the fear is an emotion that will pass.

  • Support groups

Building a support group around you will be helpful in dealing with your fear. Friends and families can act as a pillar and can remind you of your past triumphs to motivate you.




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