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Crowns for African queens

Two years ago on March 18, 2015, we lost a heroine who was one of the most recognisable women figures when I was growing up. Grace Ogot was an author, nurse, journalist, politician and diplomat. She represented so much and stood for much more but it was her signature look, a headwrap that really stood out in people's minds.

When I was younger and I would watch the news with my and late dad, mum and siblings, we would hold contests to see who could match the most famous faces to their names. My baby sister would of course shout, "Nyayo!" for every man in a suit and my older brother and I would fight over the identity of other familiar figures.

The women, of course, were my pride and joy. My mom ensured I got them right. The spotlight rarely fell on them so I would shout at the top of my voice whenever I spotted them. Grace Ogot, of course, with her stylish headwraps was the easiest to spot. Margaret Thatcher with her crisp yet feminine checkered suits was another favourite.

I never got to meet Margaret Thatcher or Grace Ogot but I have met so many strong women in my lifetime. The strength of a woman is amazing. We celebrate them every week in this magazine so I will not go into the details of what it takes to make it as a woman.

All I know is that women like Ogot and so many other great women lit the path for African women. It's like each woman has been a blinking light in a string of lights on a runway in the middle of nowhere. They paved the way for us so we can land and take off freely into the horizon. It's amazing how far we have come.

As we remember Grace Ogot (born 1930) and other iconic women who embraced the headwrap, the crown of the African woman, let's remember the qualities of the women who are beacons, lighting the way for the many voyagers at sea

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