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From weight to relationships: 6 Tips to help you achieve your goals this year

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It's another opportunity to thank God for the gift of life, for provision and relationships. It is always refreshing to begin a new year with a plan in mind. It is a season that many purpose to improve is their habits concerning important aspects of life relating to health, weight, exercise, occupation and wealth. Here are some suggestions to help you achieve the success you so desire:

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1. Clear purpose

The desire to change certain aspects and to improve others should be clear. For a dream to become a goal, it must be SMART, specific, measureable, attainable, and realistic and smart. Be clear on what you want to achieve.

A time to ask the hard questions; How much do I need this change? Why has it not worked before? What risks or challenges am I likely to encounter? If you want to lose weight, how many kilograms, by what time, giving yourself a realistic time frame.

2. Contemplation

Weigh the benefits of change and the importance to you. Be clear, specific and plan how to keep a record of what you want to do, what you want to achieve and how you intend to break it down to quick wins, daily, weekly and monthly. How do you intend to hold yourself accountable, keeping a daily record or having an accountability partner?

3. Plan

A long journey begins with one step, begin with small significant steps, the saying goes that Rome was not built in a day. When preparing the changes or adjustments you want to make you should also consider what you want to give up in order to redirect your energies in the area that you desire.

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For example, if you choose to go back to school, you might have to give up some social activities in order to redirect your energy to the studies. This is the time to make a firm commitment and let those around you know your desires so that they can support you.

4. Create a sense of accountability

Research indicates that those that are successful in making changes have excellent support systems. To be successful at making changes, it is important to talk to your support system about the changes you desire to make and have someone hold you accountable. Beloved, this is the only way to stay on course. Designate responsibility to a friend, mentor, or companion for sharing successes, monitoring progress, and offering support.

5 Finish strong

It's one great to begin working on a goal, it is another to achieve results and finish strong. Only those that finish get the reward, purpose to finish. There is a saying that goes "if you remove your clothes, you better bath". Work on your goal with all diligence and achieve the objective that you set out for in the first place. This is a sign of great discipline and diligence and it will permeate in all other things that you do.

6. Cultivate personal integrity

Integrity gives you the fuel that you need to finish strong. It's not about who is looking, it is about the goal that you set for yourself press on and avoid temptations. Seek God daily to give you the strength and remember you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

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