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5 natural ways to get rid of common body odours

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Almost all body odours are perfectly normal and basic hygiene takes care of most. This means you should:

? Carefully brush your teeth regularly.

? Bathe your armpits and genital area at least once a day – in exceptionally hot weather, when sweating is profuse, do it twice or more.

? Wash and soak sweaty feet every evening.

? Wear cotton socks that are absorbent or open shoes that allow air to get to your feet.

? Wash all socks and stockings after one wearing.

I’m very much against the use of chemical cleansers and deodorants inside any of the body’s orifices because they can upset the delicate chemical balance of bacteria and yeasts. If the balance is disturbed, inflammation and allergy may result. So avoid vaginal deodorants, chemical douches or sprays and antiseptics.

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