Evewoman : 5 simple online dating white lies that are OK to tell


5 simple online dating white lies that are OK to tell


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Lies okay to tell in online dating
Lies okay to tell when dating online

Are you registered on an online dating site? How accurate is your bio, and do you still look like the person in your profile picture?

According to okCupid co-founder Christian Rudder's latest book Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking, there are certain white lies we can get away with when advertising ourselves for dates on the web.

Check out his top 5 below.

1. Your five-year plan

Whether you plan on travelling more, relocating on the other side of the world, or are ready for kids, keeping this information to yourself for the first few dates is fine.

2. Your preferences

You want to seem as attractive as possible - so it's OK to omit things like your least favourite cuisine and the fact that you hate festivals.

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Coming across as positive and open-minded will boost your chances of finding a date and allow you to meet more people.

3. Your full name

Unless you're after more Facebook friends - or strangers - avoid this at all costs.

Your first name and age is more than enough, if in doubt, go for a nickname.

4. Where you live

It's OK to focus more on where you spend your free time, and less on where you actually live.

It's not OK to lie about your city or country though - this will only cost you dates.

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5. Exact job title

Focus more on the field you're in and what you enjoy about it, and less on your actual title.

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