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What to do when your woman makes more money

 By the time you decide to be together, it means you are ready to harmonise your relationship into one (Photo: iStock)

Dating in 2022 looks a lot different from how it did in previous generations. A long time ago if you would have asked anyone what men's and women’s roles are in relationships, you would have picked up on a similar theme which is, that men hunt and women gather.

Currently, we have more women going to school and joining the workforce, which has completely changed how we look at relationships. It’s no longer automatic that your man will make more money than you and actually, there are more relationships now where the lady is bringing in more cash.

This is positive progress for so many women but it has also brought a couple of challenges, especially for the guys.

Men are being encouraged on how to adjust to this new way of life and to help with that here are a couple of tips that may come in handy:

Let this change motivate you

Being in a relationship with someone isn’t just about chemistry and romance. By the time you actually decide that you are right for each other, it means that you’re ready to link your lives on every level.

Your partner is your main cheerleader and motivator so if your lady was already earning more than you earlier or she’s gradually reached that level, you can use that to empower yourself as well.

 Avoid turning every disagreement into a money fight (Photo: iStock)
Don’t make it a competition

There is a difference between being motivated and rushing to reach the same level because you feel threatened. When you don’t take her success positively and you want to earn more just to prove a point that becomes toxic.

Instead of being eager to compete for no reason, take this adjustment positively and appreciate where you are on your own career journey.

Acknowledge your insecurities

Women earning more than their men is still a new thing for many. When this change comes your way in your own relationship, you might not know how to process everything.

If you’re feeling a bit insecure about something, that is totally normal, it happens all the time. You might be worried about how things will change and it’s okay to admit that you need some time to adjust. Acknowledge and accept those uncomfortable feelings and be patient with yourself.

Agree on what the expectations are

Things will change and that is part of the process. She might not have time to handle everything she used to now that she’s busier so you have to both strategize.

You might have to divide the chores and duties differently so that you can be on the same page. This will help you peacefully transition as your relationship changes.

Be comfortable in your masculinity

Men and women bring different strengths to a relationship. Femininity can never embody masculinity fully and vice versa.

You should hold on to your masculinity at all times because that is probably a balance that she appreciates even though she’s earning more than you.

Enjoy who you are and the masculine energy you bring into the relationship.

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