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Can you look polished on a budget?

Even though most people lean towards designer items to look expensive, you don’t have to do too much in order to look classy or polished
By Esther Muchene
Jul. 29, 2022
Many people subconsciously pile unnecessary things in their houses, specifically their closets without realising it
By Esther Muchene
Jul. 26, 2022
If we're being completely honest, there are some fashion trends that the majority of people still subscribe to even though they no longer make sense in 2022
By Esther Muchene
Jul. 14, 2022
A wrong-fitting bra will ruin your day. Period. Unless you enjoy occasional disruptions throughout the day, the right size will flatter and offer all the support you need
By Esther Muchene
Jul. 9, 2022
With the month of June acting like a refrigerator, how warm are you dressing? If not that much, here are some outfit ideas for you
By Peris Wambugu
Jun. 29, 2022
While most people strive to look fashionable every day, there are some common mistakes we make sometimes knowingly or unknowingly
By Peris Wambugu
Jun. 18, 2022
One thing to keep in mind is that having a beautiful wardrobe takes time, and putting together all of the necessary pieces takes even longer, but it is not impossible
By Lolita Bunde
Jun. 9, 2022
As more people begin to care about how they present themselves, men are upgrading their style now more than ever, but don’t be caught making these mistakes
By Esther Muchene
May. 20, 2022
Even though we have the freedom to wear what we want, not everything looks good. Also in these times of fast fashion not every trend will make the cut
By Esther Muchene
May. 12, 2022
If you are looking for a simple and classy outfit, then you should probably consider a monochromatic outfit. It will never let you down
By Esther Muchene
May. 11, 2022
Although there has been a fashion revolution in which people are no longer scared to create their own style books, there are principles that we should not overlook
By Esther Muchene
May. 10, 2022
Modern shopping has become a confusing experience. We have countless places we can shop from not to mention the seasonal trends we have to keep up with
By Esther Muchene
May. 7, 2022