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Fashion tips: Pieces most stylish people own


 Creating the perfect capsule wardrobe will take time (Photo: Pinterest)

You'll often meet fashionable people and marvel at how they manage to keep up with the daily glamour without fail.

What most people don't realize about fashion is that you don't have to buy everything; it's all about learning how to shop for the perfect pieces.

Some would even go so far as to say creating the perfect capsule wardrobe.

One thing to keep in mind is that having a beautiful wardrobe takes time, and putting together all of the necessary pieces takes even longer, but it is not impossible.

If you're not sure where to begin, here are a few items you should have that can instantly improve your style:

 Sunglasses will make any outfit look amazing (Photo: Pinterest)

I don’t know what it is about sunglasses but having them on is always a bonus to a dope outfit. Not many people can pull off a classic sunglasses outfit but once you do, there is no turning back.  Besides, there is nothing pleasant about squinting in the sun when you can help it.

Fedora hat

I once met a lady who swore she would never put on a fedora hat in her life but fast forward, she owns five of them. So yes, fedora hats are a must-have in your closet. They are not exactly the kind of accessories you can put on every day but on those days you feel like stealing the show, do it!

 Have at least one fedora hat for those days you want your outfit to pop (Photo: Pinterest)
White button-down shirt

If you still don’t own one of these, your fashion journey is yet to begin. First of all, this is one closet essential that will never go out of style. Second, your outfit will never look basic no matter how much you try. So go ahead, steal your man’s shirt today and work that magic.

A statement blazer

The thing about blazers is that you can have more than one, so long as you own a black one. And for that extra punch to your outfit, make a little baggy. One that fits is cute but sizing up your blazer is a total game-changer.

 Blue jeans will come through any day (Photo: Pinterest)
Blue jeans

Whether you love basic pencil trousers, straight cut or mum jeans you name it, blue jeans are a must-have in any closet. I know you are probably thinking you love black and probably some grey jeans wouldn’t hurt but trust me blue jeans is all you need.

Leather jacket

You see on those cold days when everyone is snuggling in boring hoodies and dull sweaters, a fashionista will be rocking a fancy leather jacket. Yes, it will stand out and yes will keep you warm especially if you know how to layer outfits the right way.

 I guess a leather jacket speaks for itself (Photo: Pinterest)
A long trench coat

Another cold-weather essential is a trench coat. Please don’t be caught on these streets wearing a colourful jacket that clearly screams no outfit coordination. This is especially if you are going to the office, a trench coat is classy and it can easily be layered with a blazer for that amazing crisp finish.

A classic watch

Believe it or not, the kind of watch you buy really plays a key role in your overall look. All that money spent on beautiful nails can easily be watered down by the kind of watch or even jewellery you have on. So please upgrade that watch to something amazing and timeless.

 If you must carry a bag, make it a tote bag (Photo: Pinterest)
A tote bag

Ladies I cannot stress this enough, there is no class in carrying polythene papers as bags or carrying your essentials in your hand. A tote bag is not only elegant and convenient it will also match practically every outfit you can think of in your closet.

Tip: All stylish respect the weather, which most ordinary dressing people ignore. Dressing with no regard for the weather will only scream, you have no idea what you are doing.

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