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Common fashion mistakes men constantly make

 Fashion mistakes you should learn from (Photo: Courtesy)

In the past, when we look at style and fashion, the focus was on women’s wear. It was a topic that women were drawn to more as compared to men but these days, men are also stepping up their game.

There is a realization that you should care about how you present yourself and now, there are more discussions about how to have great style as a guy.

But with all that said and done, it’s common to see some fashion atrocities that guys make every day. Good thing is, you can always learn about the style mistakes you should avoid for you to look good and feel confident. Here are some:


For some guys, the best effort when it comes to style is putting on an old pair of jeans and a washed-out t-shirt. They might have a couple of suits for work but that’s about it.

It’s embarrassing to show up in a tracksuit or an outfit that is too casual for a nice event or meeting. It communicates that you don’t really care about yourself so it would definitely help to put in more effort.

Don’t show up for a date, an event or any important occasion in outfits that clearly show you didn’t even try.

 Oversized clothes were cute for a bit but not anymore (Photo: Courtesy)
Wearing shirts that are too small

Shirts that are deliberately meant to be tight like muscle shirts, and shirts that are too tight aren’t the same thing.

A shirt that is too small will hug your body in an unflattering way and accentuate areas that you don’t want to emphasize as a beer belly or love handles. They can also cause slip-ups like exposing your boxers or even worse, the ‘crack’, which isn’t a good look at all.

If you’re wearing something that feels like it will rip soon, what it means is, that it is too small.

Trying too hard to look young

Growing older isn’t always a fun experience for everybody. It’s hard to accept the reality that you’re growing older and that you’re not the same person you were years ago.

Something that affects so many men is the dreaded midlife crisis. This is the point where guys might try to dress up in loud, trendy clothes to show that they still got it when everyone can see that they’re going through something.

You can embrace growing older in style without succumbing to the pressure of trying to look young and cool.

 It's not easy to pull off feminine looks, so avoid these outfits if you can (Photo: Courtesy)
Going overboard with accessories

Men’s fashion is generally simple for most guys. You can wear a nice basic t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and still gook great. However, some guys might feel the need to overcompensate by piling on unnecessary accessories. That is when the rings, watches and multiple chains come in, which always look off.

It’s always better when you keep the accessories minimal for a classier look.

Wearing women’s clothing

This is a common mistake that guys make without noticing. You might feel confident rocking a nice shirt or pants until someone mentions that you’re actually wearing women’s clothes.

To avoid this embarrassment, check for details like button placement to avoid wearing something that is meant for women.

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