MP Okoth tables four-point bid to have bhang legalized

Kibra MP Ken Okoth. [Photo: Courtesy]
Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth has hatched a proposal seeking to have Marijuana decriminalsed in Kenya.

Listed in the Standing Order 114(1), the sketch of Marijuana Control Bill 2018 covers four arguments justifying legalization and nurturing of farming and use of bhang.

In the first point, Okoth is pushing for decriminalization of handling of the drug and amnesty for those who may have been prosecuted for using or growing the plant. Secondly, he is pushing for proper regulation of the marijuana farming sector. This he says will cater for the growers, traders and protecting minors once the step is achieved.

He is further urging the government to set up institutions of research to aid in medical use of the product as well as other areas regarding intellectual property rights. His fourth argument is that once legal, the product will present the government with a tax haven coming handy with employment opportunities.

He presented his proposal to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi today, pending further deliberations on it.

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