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Why you need to stop being the 'pick me' girl

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 Doing everything to please the man doesn't guarantee a happy relationship (Photo: Courtesy)


The thing that women hated about dating and relationships in the past was the pressure to be extremely submissive and obedient. A woman was expected to follow everything her man says, regardless of how it made her feel and those struggles made women reject the idea of submission.

Well, now some people are acknowledging that there are some things they liked about that dating era and are starting to revert to those standards. However, there are some women who have taken this to extreme levels and that is where the ‘pick me’ term came from.

In relationships, a pick me woman is essentially a woman who will do anything to get a man and make him stay. Being a ‘pick me’ never ends well and these are some of the reasons why you should avoid ‘pick me’ habits:

It makes you look desperate

Being desperate is one of the lowest points you can ever reach in life. It shows that your level of         self-esteem is so low to a point where you crave validation from anyone, even if it means putting other women down.

A pick me will do things like making fun her friend’s insecurities when they’re in the company of guys and change how she behaves to impress men.

This kind of behavior is pointless and so annoying to everyone around you and that is why you should probably avoid it.

Most guys don’t like it

Now that many people know who a pick me is, people recognize that it’s a very unattractive trait. No one likes someone who only does things to make themselves feel superior or validated so even the guys don’t like this type of person.

Basically, the guys you’re trying to impress don’t like this kind of character so it wouldn’t even make sense to be a pick me.

Quit it.

 You dont have to put another woman down to get the man (Photo: Courtesy)
It doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship

A ‘pick me’ might manage to grab the attention of the man she wants but it doesn’t automatically mean that they can keep him interested for long. After trying to prove that you’re not like other girls or that they are a ‘’worthier’’ choice, it will still backfire.

You can pretend to like cooking and cleaning every day or that you’re so low maintenance as compared to other ‘girly girls’ but soon you will get tired of the act and when you’re real colors resurface things will not end well.

It can attract users

There are people who are out to gain all they can from who they can, especially in relationships. Since a pick me is often loud on the things that make them the best type of woman to ever exist, it can attract the types of guys who want to feed off your desperation.

They will know that they can cheat on you, take advantage of you and put you through hell knowing that you will never leave.

It eventually makes you bitter

Being a ‘pick me’ needs a lot of maintenance. It requires a constant flow of validation which isn’t always a guarantee.

That means you might breakdown when you don’t get the validation from the guys you’re trying to use. And when you can’t keep up with the things you pretended to like after you finally manage to be ‘picked’, you will become resentful.

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