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How to make time for your friends

 You can always make plans as a group and be intentional about meeting and spending time together (Shutterstock)

Everyone is usually busy with their lives. We have work schedules, assignments, chores and so many other things to do.

The problem is that, with all this going on, we barely have time to meet up with our friends. Somehow time goes by so fast. A week of not seeing our friends suddenly turns into a month and then a whole year passes, maybe even two.

If you’re not careful, you’ll end up not seeing your friends for years even when you don’t live far away from each other.

The main question is, how can we create time for our friends when we are wrapped up in demanding schedules?

This is how.

Make them a priority

You’ll never be able to see each other if you don’t make them a priority in your life. I know you have so many things to do and they do too but you can actually sacrifice some time if you really want to.

The truth is that even the busiest people have time for their friends and family so there’s really no excuse.

Don’t get used to blowing them off or rescheduling plans because your friendship could slowly start to crumble.

Work on your time management

This simple concept is a huge problem to many of us. With that ‘African-timer’ attitude, you’ll never be able to have free time to enjoy being with those you love.

For example, you can push yourself to get your work done during the week so that you’ll be free during the weekends or even prepare meals for the family a night before which will allow you to be free to have time with the girls the next day.

It’s all about learning to be more disciplined with your time and planning out all the things you need to do accordingly.

 Create one plan at a time and being open to spontaneous meet ups (Shutterstock)
Find a way to combine your schedules

As we get older, it gets harder to have free time to spare. One way you can deal with this is getting creative with the time you already have.

You can plan to go for grocery shopping together, you can get your hair done the same day or even plan a gym date with them.

This is a great opportunity for you to catch up. When you’re in good company, even the most basic activities can turn into fun experiences.

Break down your plans into manageable pieces

Sometimes we get overexcited and create a list of a thousand things we need to do with our friends. But once reality hits, you realize that you can barely manage to do even a quarter of those things you already had in mind.

Eventually, you’ll start to feel pressured and stressed over the plans that weren’t able to go through.

Avoid this by creating one plan at a time and being open to spontaneous meet ups when you have the opportunity.

Or, you can instead save for one major plan like a family holiday at the end of the year where you can travel somewhere as a group.

Simplifying your plans will make them much easier to keep up with.

Keep in contact

Technology has been a huge blessing especially when it comes to relationships. Now we can keep in touch and still maintain that strong bond with our friends even if we haven’t seen each other physically in a long time.

You can video call them often, schedule movie dates, play games online, and so many other things. Of course it’s not the same as being around each other physically but it still counts.

Making this work also needs your dedication, which shows you’re trying your best. The whole point is to show that your friends are worth sacrificing your time for.

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