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Six major icks women hate about men

 Six major icks women hate about men (Photo: iStock)

Turn offs or "icks" are defined as things a person does that make those around them feel disgusted, bored or sexually repulsed. Usually, women are more affected by certain icks because they tend to be more delicate and intricate when it comes to self-care and personal hygiene. 

While some men may be aware of these habits, most are unaware and continue to live in ignorant bliss as they continue to ick the women around them.

But the good news is that most of these behaviours or habits are adaptive or ephemeral, meaning they can be worked on to make everyone around them comfortable.

That said, let's dive straight into some of the biggest icks women hate about some men:

Fowl-smelling body odour

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a handsome man with bad body odour. Most men think it is brave and masculine to smell of sweat and other strange things, but frankly, a waft of bad body odour can ruin a woman's whole day and mood.

There is nothing wrong with the smell of sweat, but a strong sweaty smell combined with dirt very early in the morning threatens the comfort of everyone around you.

Bad breath

Oral hygiene is paramount if you work in an office environment or, frankly, anywhere with people. We can excuse people with medical problems, but if it is caused by ignorance and lack of care, wooing the ladies will be a dream that will never come true.

In the same breath, metal, silver or gold grills or slugs on the teeth may be 'good' for celebrities during performances, but in real life, they are such a turn-off.

Also, ashy lips are weird, so it wouldn't hurt to moisturise them now and then.

Unkempt hair

Speaking of grooming, general self-care is very important for everyone, whether a woman or a man. Unkempt hair does not go down well in any circle.

I know a lot of men think that the rakish look is a vibe that women are attracted to, but believe me, neat hair, including beards, goes a long way.

Long nails

This could be the ick of icks! Nothing turns women off more than a man who has or keeps long nails, and worse if they have some dirt underneath, disgusting! What is the reason for this? Why should a man have long nails?

Short, clean nails are more reassuring and inviting, if you know you know!


Aside from hygiene, certain fashion trends have transcended over the years but can be a pet peeve for some women.

Durags can be sexy when used by the right person and in the right way, but this trend is not for all heads and men.

Skinny jeans

Last but not least, we have the skinny jeans. There is nothing sexy or attractive about a man wearing thigh-hugging jeans in the name of fashion.

This trend is really old and should be killed once and for all. If you have been dressing like this and have no lady, well, now you know.

Any other icks you hate about men? Add more.

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