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Things you should always have in your travelling bag

 Things you should always have in your travelling bag (Photo: iStock)

We are currently in the month when people travel a lot, which is the December holiday season. People are busy planning where their Christmas destination will be whether it's a distant trip out of the country or a trip to local spots.

For both short and long trips, proper planning is essential. You need to make sure you have all the important items on your checklist as you pack so you don't end up forgetting something you needed for your trip.

If you've ever left an important item behind by mistake, you know how that can quickly dampen the mood. So, use this list to help you remember these crucial items you should always have in your travel bag as you organize your next trip:

Photocopied documents

Having duplicates of your documents is still important, especially for international travel. This includes your itinerary, your ID or any other necessary documents you need to have with you.

Yes, we are in a digital age and you can easily access them in your email but, it's still better to have both hard and soft copies for convenience, in case of anything.


You should absolutely remember to carry any medications that you are currently on. This is a major priority because you wouldn't want to skip any dose.

You should also have any general mediation in your bag just in case. These include headache relievers, diarrhoea medication and other medicines for mild stomach issues.

Of course, we're not expecting any medical problems but, these might save you the stress of going to a pharmacy when you need them.

Skincare essentials

Your skin care needs are still important when you're on holiday. In fact, you need to take care of it a little bit more because you might be outdoors a lot.

There might not be time to do a whole routine but you should have the basics like a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. These will protect your skin while you have fun in the sun.

A charged power bank

Travelling without a power bank close by is a big no-no. For flights though, you need to adhere to certain rules for safety reasons.

Your power bank will keep your phone charged because we often use our phones during trips, which can drain the battery quickly. There will be no need to panic when you need to set your device at any point.

Extra set of clothes

Lastly, never pack an exact set of clothes for the days you will be away. You will most likely need to switch to fresh clothes so it's always a good idea to carry something extra.

If you realize that an outfit idea you had in mind while packing looks different from what you had expected, you will have a backup.

Your extra clothes will also save you in case anything spills on you so it's better to carry some extra clothes and not use them rather than not have any when you need them.

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