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Things you can do for your pregnant wife

As you go through pregnancy with your partner, it’s important to prepare yourself for what’s ahead. This is a time when she needs your support the most and a lot of sacrifices
By Esther Muchene Aug. 12, 2022
With motherhood comes great joy and delight. Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who will hold the mother?
By Fay Ngina Aug. 8, 2022
The best way to manage psychological distress will depend on your child's age, their personality and how you generally handle their distress moments before flying
By Dr L N Nyamute Aug. 5, 2022
A recent report revealed that 55 per cent of the 21.9 million children in Kenya have widespread access to pornography and are exposed to sexual exploitation
By Nancy Nzau Aug. 4, 2022
During pregnancy, you need 600 mcg per day from foods or vitamins. It is hard to get this amount from foods alone, so you need to take a supplement that contains folic acid
By Jayne Rose Gacheri Aug. 3, 2022
Listen, kids are expensive. Each one of us wants the very best for our kids. Are you financially able to give your best?
By Diana Makokha Jul. 29, 2022
Talking about sex with your parents then, was taboo and considered disrespectful. Times are however changing fast and ‘the talk’ is becoming more crucial than ever
By Tamarah Patience Jul. 27, 2022
Grieving the loss of an unborn baby is a silent form of bereavement – whether the baby dies in the early months of pregnancy (miscarriage) or late into the pregnancy (stillbirth)
By Fay Ngina Jul. 23, 2022
When it comes to parenting practices, quite a lot has changed over the years. Parents are vastly embracing modern ways to bring up their children
By Tamarah Patience Jul. 22, 2022
Although many of these blended families work, it’s admittedly one of the hardest situations to adjust to especially if you’re the one taking up a step-parent role
By Esther Muchene Jul. 22, 2022
The goal as a parent should be to raise proper kids. But even with that, there should be boundaries because it’s easy to turn into a co-dependent parent
By Esther Muchene Jul. 13, 2022
Thanks to pH alterations caused by hormonal changes, the area around the vagina may create breeding grounds for microorganisms during pregnancy
By Nancy Nzalambi Jul. 8, 2022