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Is romance a myth or reality

There’s a big discussion in my office about whether there is this thing we call romance. Or whether it’s all just chemistry! Please help!
By Chris Hart Jun. 20, 2024
Do women lose the feeling of love when they carry too much burden and cannot afford the luxuries of life they want?
By Awuor Omino Jun. 14, 2024
Any relationship based on love shouldn't be instant, as the saying goes. On the contrary, today's dating apps and hook-ups have made relationships instant
By Diana Makokha Jun. 13, 2024
I am in a rather tempestuous relationship. Lots of great lovemaking, but also lots of stormy rows! Is there any way to know whether it’s going to work out?
By Chris Hart Jun. 8, 2024
All my relationships so far have been fun, but a bit superficial and disappointing. What should I be doing to make them more meaningful?
By Chris Hart Jun. 1, 2024
Somehow I always seem to end up with the bad guys! My friends seem to have nice boyfriends, so what am I doing wrong?
By Chris Hart May. 25, 2024
I am looking for a serious boyfriend. But what should I be looking for? And how do I get him to take an interest in me?
By Chris Hart May. 18, 2024
Marriages have taken a strong hit. Nothing can hold things together with all the economic struggles that have hit households in the lower social hierarchy
By La Patrona May. 14, 2024
I have a demanding job, so there is no way I am also doing everything in the house. And my husband does help around but we are no longer as intimate. What am I getting wrong?
By Chris Hart May. 11, 2024
Infidelity affects a man’s masculinity and it is the biggest offence against his manhood and identity and leaves questions about his sexual ability
By Diana Makokha May. 10, 2024
Often portrayed as mysterious, rebellious and irresistibly attractive in literature, film and popular culture, the age-old stereotype of the bad boy has captured the imagination of many
By Lolita Bunde May. 4, 2024
Women and men are not wired in the same way. Identifying this difference is important so that women can learn how to protect their hearts better as they navigate situationships
By La Patrona May. 3, 2024