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Benefits of adding pineapple to your diet

As much as most people enjoy pineapples for their irresistible taste, especially in cocktails, here are some of the health benefits of this amazing fruit
By Esther Muchene 9h ago
As you prepare to vote this week, treat yourself to some delicious cassava in coconut and Swahili fried chicken (muhogo wa nazi)
By Chef Ali Mandhry Aug. 8, 2022
Making meals from scratch might start to resemble an unpaid second job, which is something that most working people can relate to
By Lolita Bunde Aug. 3, 2022
How about we put some spice to this cold weather with some tamarind potatoes with chicken mishkaki
By Chef Ali Mandhry Aug. 2, 2022
We all love some comfort food to help us get through this cold weather and nothing does that better than a red snapper fish masala
By Kirsten Kanja Jul. 30, 2022
The thing about fridges is that they have a lot of intricate nooks and compartments that can be difficult to clean correctly
By Esther Muchene Jul. 28, 2022
Most people believe that making a smoothie is all about throwing healthy foods in a blender and mixing away, but actually, there is a formula
By Esther Muchene Jul. 27, 2022
Are you ready to try something new? Well this week we have a special cinnamon roll recipe that is perfect for this cold weather
By Chef Ali Mandhry Jul. 26, 2022
We've all heard of the traditional Kenyan drink "dawa," which is excellent for this chilly climate that leaves us predisposed to colds and the flu
By Esther Muchene Jul. 21, 2022
Most people are now embracing the Keto diet since it encourages your body to use fat and protein as a source of fuel in order to help you lose weight
By Esther Muchene Jul. 21, 2022
Are you tired of eating your eggs the traditional way? Here are some easy ways to spice up your egg dishes without a hassle
By Esther Muchene Jul. 19, 2022
Are you tired of preparing your liver the same way every day? Then this Swahili curried liver dish is exactly what you need
By Chef Ali Mandhry Jul. 19, 2022