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How to eat beans without gas or bloating

 Beans contain amazing properties like fiber, proteins, iron and other great nutrients our bodies thirst for (Shutterstock)


Beans are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. They contain amazing properties like fiber, proteins, iron and other great nutrients our bodies thirst for.

Another great advantage of beans is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere.

Beans are tasty and good for the body but at the same time, they come with some challenges.

Beans are infamously known for two things. As soon as you’re done with your meal, your body responds by occasionally bloating and releasing a lot of gas.

When you still want to enjoy the benefits of eating beans without the gas you’ll need to follow a number of steps to do so. Here are some of the ways you can eat beans without all the gas and bloating.

Soak them

Soak them for at least 12 hours in cold water in order to break down its gas producing properties. Do this by putting them in a big bowl to give them room for expansion. Fill the bowl with cold water and change the water every couple of hours. Lastly, rinse them before finally cooking them.

Cook them properly

Another way of reducing the effects of gas in beans is by ensuring that you cook them well. Eating undercooked beans actually doesn’t allow some of these gassy properties to break down. Because of that, you might end up farting the whole night and honestly, it’s embarrassing and obviously no one wants that. As you cook them, ensure that they are fully ready for consumption. Cooking them well will also help to soften the skin, which will put less strain during digestion.

Eat small portions

Opt for small portions to reduce gas. Eating huge amounts might put a strain on your digestion and cause you to be bloated and uncomfortable. It’s good to ensure that you get the most out of your meals but if you want to enjoy beans without the stress, eat small portions at a go. This will allow your digestive system to handle the beans with ease.

Eat more of them

Studies have shown that instead of avoiding them all together, you can actually reduce the less desirable effects by keeping them in your diet. They found that keeping them in your diet will help your body adjust itself and gradually, you’ll stop getting bloat and gas. You can start off with lentils then introduce beans to your body systematically. Avoiding them all together will make you miss out on all the amazing benefits that beans have.

Opt for the dry, organic beans

The stores are full of beans that are canned. They are ready made and people often prefer these to the dry ones that take so long to cook. However, it’s much better to choose the dry ones if you want to have an easier time after eating. Canned options are filled with other chemicals that leave you even more bloated. For that reason, always choose the dry beans over canned ones.

Choose the strain that works for you

If you have never known, there are so many strains of beans out there. There are cranberry beans, garbanzo beans, red beans, black beans, kidney beans and so forth. If you find that your body doesn’t react well with black beans, you can decide to replace them with kidney beans. This will help you to enjoy your beans with as little gas and bloat as possible.

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