Evewoman : Man tells wife he's refusing to help with any housework until the children do too

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Man tells wife he's refusing to help with any housework until the children do too

He's going to stop doing anything around the house except for cleaning up after himself (Photo: Shutterstock)

A man who has become fed-up with his wife's children failing to help out with even the smallest household chores is going to extreme lengths in a bid to prove his point.

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The 37-year-old explains that he and his wife have been married 'for a while now' and she has three 'awesome' kids who are 12, nine and seven - describing them as the 'coolest people I know'.

His own dad died when he was just nine and he says when his mum met someone else, the best thing his stepdad did was to take the pressure off his partner so she could be there for her children.

It's something he tries to replicate by taking on tasks and chores so his partner can spend quality time with her three kids.

However, he says the only point of contention he ever fights about with his wife is that she doesn't make her children do any chores around the house.

"Like none," he said. "They don't clear their plates, they don't sweep or vacuum, they often don't even flush. It makes me furious with her."

His wife has accused him of abandoning her when she needs him most (Photo: Shutterstock)

With everyone stuck inside due to the coronavirus crisis, the problem has only been exacerbated, with housework piling up while he also tries to work from home, leaving him feeling angry 'all the time'

He continues: "She [his wife] has refused any and all attempts to have a conversation about how we might teach the kids to clean up and do their fair share of the housework.

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"I am not asking them to scrub the floor with a toothbrush! I think while they're home all day, they should be learning how to do simple stuff, like help with dishes or help with laundry or sweep the floors or flush the toilets in addition to playing.

"Because my wife refuses to even discuss this with me, I chose a different tactic. I'm not doing any more chores until the kids do."

He said instead of feeling angry and potentially wrecking the relationship he has with the children, he'll do the basic cleaning up after himself, but that was all.

It leaves his wife with the choice of doing everything or getting everybody doing their fair share.

He finished: "My wife thinks I'm being unfair not supporting her when she needs it most. I think she's being unfair for babying her kids and overloading me. What do you think?"

He received a unanimous vote of support on Reddit, with one replying: "Her kids won’t even flush a toilet?? That’s disgusting.

"Does she think she’s raising humans who will be productive members of society? She’s not. Not unfair and stay strong."

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Another said: "She refuses to even talk with you about it. This seems like you have no choice but to do that."

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