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Sex in the office: Why we did it


A video clip and sexually explicit images that did the rounds on social media sometimes last year revealed what some alleged were two employees having a romp in an office.

The images spurred debate about sex in the office as further information filtered in that the lovebirds caught in the compromising situation were actually a lecturer and his student in a ‘sex for grades’ session.

With all the CCTV cameras that dot modern offices, just why would employees do it in the office? Is it the risk of danger and not being caught, mid-life crisis, marital issues, children, or financial stress that would push people to the point of turning the workplace into a cheap motel?

A 2013 Sex at Work Survey by Business Insider magazine found that 84 per cent of employees felt they should be allowed to have sex with their colleagues, with  15 per cent turning up their noses at the prospect.

But the percentage of those who gave it a nod went higher when asked whether they minded having sex with a colleague in a different department... like say the PR guy heating up the office tea girl at her corner kitchen.

About 90 per cent of the respondents admitted to having been sexually attracted to a colleague, with 52 per cent feeling that a roll in the sack between colleagues was fine if handled professionally, especially if the consenting parties don’t work directly with each other and none reports to the other.

Is It O.K. for a woman to audibly comment on how a man looks on the street?

And when the craving strikes, employees surveyed admitted to having turned washrooms, parking lots and bosses’ offices into ‘short time’ love nests.

We carried out an informal survey to assess the motivations behind sex in the office. The findings were quite revealing:

Risk is an aphrodisiac

For most employees, the risk of doing it and not being caught was overwhelming. Just ask Job, a 32-year-old IT expert who is married but still bangs Anne, his colleague. While they have booked rooms in hotels before, “the thought of doing it in the office was so intense, I could not resist it. Surprisingly, even she had toyed with the idea and we jumped at an opportunity to just do it. And we did, in a dark corridor outside the office building.” According to Jack,  the spontaneity and the risk involved made it the best shag ever.

A media practitioner in one of the counties found sex on the couch in the office thrilling, what with all the people waiting outside and the secretary ensuring they were not disturbed for about 20 minutes?

“Just the thought of doing it on the couch with a whole lot of people waiting outside for both of us was a great turn on. His office was like an aphrodisiac,” she said, adding that the people being kept waiting “heightened the pleasure.”

Source of motisha

Sex in the office for others turned into a huge source of motivation when productivity levels had gone to the dogs, with Edwin, an accountant, turning to a female ‘soldier’ at his workplace to ‘energise.’

“There’s is this pretty security guard at my workplace who is always too willing for a quickie in exchange for a few coins. It is a willing buyer, willing seller arrangement, and she comes handy when I need a little jump-start when I feel my battery is running low,” he explains.

For the perks

Sex in the office with the boss, for some women, sees to it that they report late without consequences, besides being the first to get access to local and foreign trips with the much-needed allowance to boot.

The aforementioned video circulating was allegedly of a Ugandan lecture with his  21-year-old Bachelors of Science student after she was informed of an imminent re-sit. He assured her things would be sorted out in his office. At 10pm. It is reported that police were informed and the lecturer was apprehended. He was released shortly after the girl claimed in her statement that they were in a relationship.

In Kenya, its is common for campus girls to avoid ‘E’ grades that way and as one student told The Nairobian, “It is no big deal...in fact, we seduce them sometimes and most fall for it.”

Sexual harassment

Sometimes a ‘jig-jig’ in the office can be out sexual harassment and intimidation, as   Elmard found out when his female boss who is bending her 40s, forced him to doing it if he still needed to keep his job.

“It is crazy. She ensures I remain behind when the others leave and demand that we do it in her office. The other day, a colleague who had remained behind heard her moan and now gives me a weird look,” says Elmard, adding that

He does not enjoy it, but the thought of a menacing landlord locking his house leaves him with no choice.

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