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I will import my wedding gown, says crossdressing Tik Toker Kinuthia

 Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia. 

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has promised to cause an online stir for his wedding.

During a recent interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve, the TikToker said he would wear an imported gown, adding that the event would not be like regular wedding ceremonies.

"I said I will import my gown for my wedding and I will. When that time comes and I have that money I will do so. Many of you will be shocked because my wedding will be not be a normal wedding," Kinuthia added.

However, Kinuthia said he was still young and unprepared for marriage despite his mother's constant push for him to start a family.

He said his primary focus is to enjoy life and make more money.

"When it comes to me, what I can say is I don't want a family now. Maybe when I am 30, that is after we are done with this life. Right now I just want to live life and look for money. I have that dream of eventually having a family," he said.

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A post shared by Kinuthia Kelvin (@officialkinuthia_)

Addressing his mother's concerns on the matter, the YouTuber explained that because of her understanding nature, she would respect his decision to postpone settling down until his early 30s.

"I think my mother will have no problem with my decision to postpone settling down until I am ready because that is my own personal decision," he said.

Kinuthia assured his fans he would not change his way of life and online content once he's married.

"Even when I will be settling down, I will not change the type of content I put out. That is what has got me to where I am and what everyone knows me for. So I don't see myself changing it anytime soon," said Kinuthia.

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A post shared by Kinuthia Kelvin (@officialkinuthia_)

Kinuthia, who has attracted a huge following on TikTok due to his content as a crossdresser, recently caught many people's attention after a Facebook user accused him of pretending to be a woman and conning him money.

Responding to the allegations, Kinuthia vowed to have never met the man before dismissing the user's claims as clout chasing.

"Stop chasing clout with my pictures or my name. I am not associated in way about that story. One, I am not called Justin Kioko am Kelvin Kinuthia, two, I am not from Machakos in any way or the other, three, I am not a Kamba I am a Kikuyu so guys please I am not associated with that story. Thank you all who have DM me and called me to ask if am okay Am fine and well Thanks guys," said Kinuthia.

Adding: "No money was sent to me, KSh 344k… And I know most people will believe that story because of the last statement over there says the money was meant for flight, shopping and buying a new phone. I know many will accept that story because of the phone that I bought. So no one bought me a new phone so that story is a lie. Stop using my name to chase clout."

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