Evewoman : Things you should know about your vaginal discharge


Things you should know about your vaginal discharge

The consistency of discharge depends on your cycle (Photo: Shutterstock)

Vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman especially based on one's ovulation cycle. There is however a normal range of what is medically allowed and what should cause you alarm. Here's how to distinguish between normal and abnormal discharge.

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Milky or white without odour

This discharge is normal and signifies that all's well. The lack of odour can guide you in knowing what your vaginal discharge could be signifying.

Thick white with cottage cheese consistency

Much as your discharge may change within the month, noticing a cottage cheese consistency is a clear sign of a vaginal yeast infection. You will experience itching around your privates, have burning sensations when you urinate or during sex. In some cases, this comes with an itchy rash that's red around your vulva. From these signs it is recommended you visit a doctor.

White, yellow or grey

Fishy odour, constant itchiness and swelling. All these, and the change in colour scream out danger. When you notice your vaginal discharge is like this, it may be time to seek medical advice. One of the common conditions with such symptoms is bacterial vaginosis.

If your discharge has an odour it could signify the onset of an infection (Photo: Shutterstock)

Yellow or green

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If you've noticed your vaginal discharge move from the normal, odourless white, to yellow-greenish with foul odour, things are not normal. You may be suffering from trichomoniasis which according to studies, three in ten women face. Rushing to see a medical professional could save your life as you'll be given the necessary medication.

Brown or bloody

It is a common occurrence that you spot on your panty liners. It happens especially when you tend to have irregular periods. If it happens to be accompanied by pelvic pain, a better diagnosis from your gynaecologist could help.

Cloudy yellow 

What if you have pelvic pain and the discharge's color is this off to a cloudy yellow? A sexually transmitted infection like gonorrhea is the problem. The signs can begin to show in less than a week hence you'll need to be greatly keen.

Everytime you visit the bathroom, be sure to check the color and notice the odour difference in your vaginal discharge. This simple observation is a routine practice that ensures your vaginal hygiene state is at its best


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