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Viola Davis: Staying fit over 50

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You can be forgiven for thinking Viola Davis’s lean, youthful physique comes naturally to her but the star has been open about her weight struggles in the past.

Working in an industry that prioritises body image, Viola Davis always felt she had to lose (and occasionally gain) weight to get certain roles, which affected her self-esteem.

Now, at 54, Viola has found a healthy balance where she enjoys her workouts but doesn’t beat herself up for taking things easy some days. “I’m like every other woman. I’d love to be 10 pounds or 20 pounds lighter. If I’m not, I’m OK with that, too. I’m good as long as I’m healthy.”

To maintain her physique, she wakes up early to run on the treadmill and do weights with her trainer. Working out not only keeps her strong but also helps combat the effects of menopause.

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Photos: Instagram @violadavis

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