Evewoman : What women mean when they say ‘it’s the little things that matter’


What women mean when they say ‘it’s the little things that matter’

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Mr Sir, grab a pen and paper. You are about to get schooled.

Yeah, we’ve been dating for a hot minute and we know each other pretty well by now. I know about that scar on your inner thigh that you got in high school when you tried jumping the school fence. You have promised me the world and far beyond it sweetie, the grand gestures are amazing. But do you know what will make me fall more in love with you? The little things.

The little things matter, everyone knows the phrase. And by little things I mean gestures not other things. 'The little things' generally mean the things that you picked up on while getting to know me. For instance, remembering how I like my coffee, black with two sugars. Or how I prefer my stew to sit on top of my rice instead of on the side.

These things, though small mean the world to a woman. It shows that you really took your time to get to know me, including the minutiae. It also shows that you are in it for the long run, if it was a hit and quit situation you wouldn’t even bother knowing my name. So Mr Sir as you sit in the office wondering if you really know your woman, don’t despair. It’s never too late for you to cherish her and show her how much she means to you.

Like I said previously, we appreciate grand gestures, buying me a Range Rover? Fantastic. A vacation to the Maldives? Even better. We appreciate all that, but what really knocks our heart muscles and has us disgustingly in love with you is sending us random texts throughout the day, or a meme of something you know we like. Better yet, buying me my favourite candy on the way home or playing my favourite song when I’m in the car with you. See? It's that simple, all you need to do is pay attention to your woman.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, a good morning /good night text can have your woman smiling like a crackhead. That’s it, a simple ‘hey baby, good morning, have a great day at work’ will have her smiling and damn near ready to take over the world.

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So, if you haven’t sent that good morning text yet, do it now. Immediately!

Another thing, if you’re going to be busy the whole day and won’t have time to talk to your woman it’s just nice to let her know. Our minds spiral into unbelievable conclusions, she could be sitting there thinking you don’t want her anymore especially if the relationship is in its infancy stage. And because I have to give you lads everything, here’s a template text, you can copy-paste it if you like. ‘Hey baby, good morning, I’m gonna have a hectic day at work, might not be able to text you during the day. But I’ll be thinking about you, my love. Have a good day.’

It’s the little things, fellas!

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