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Red flags to look out for on a first date

Thank God it’s Friday!

It’s Friday, time to turn up and shake off all the week’s stress. That cute guy from the coffee shop near your office asked you out and you can’t wait to see him again. But first dates are stressful, you could end up together forever or this thing could be shot out of the sky. Lord help you! Cute dress on, high heels follow, make up is perfect, time to go meet Mr Sir, here’s a few red flags you should look out for:

1.He's late and doesn’t inform you

You agreed to meet at 8 p.m., its 8.30 p.m. and he is nowhere to be seen. He hasn’t sent you a text or called to inform you that he’ll be late. Radio silence! You try to call him and he doesn’t pick up, this is a huge red flag. Any self-respecting human will at least call you to explain his tardiness. Baby girl, just leave, go home or the club and block his number. If he does show up while you’re still at the meeting point and his excuse doesn’t hold any water, leave. He is not worth it.

2. Rude to the wait staff

They say the best way to determine one’s true behaviour is how they treat those in service to them. If your date is rude to the wait staff, Sis, just look for an exit. It shows that they have no respect for others. Just imagine if he is rude to a wait staff, eventually he’ll do the same to you. Like I said, exit!

3. Controlling

Another red flag that people tend to overlook is if the person is controlling. This could be by ordering for you yet you are on your first date. You literally know nothing about one another but he orders for you. It even becomes more of an issue when they order for you a salad but get themselves steak and potatoes. His reasoning “you could lose a few pounds”. Big red flag!

4. Absent

If your date is on his phone constantly and not giving you any attention. They are physically present but their mind is absent. Red flag. Clearly his Instagram and Twitter timeline are more important than this date. Just cut it short and bounce.

5. Bringing up the ex

If your date obsessively brings up their ex it could be a sign they are not over them, or that they are bitter about the past and are trying to rebound with you. “My ex used to do ex would do that.” Well sis, be like his ex and leave. This red flag is literally in neon colours, you cannot afford to miss it.

First dates are usually nerve wrecking but when he pulls the stunts stated above or another that cannot be excused by being nervous, run!

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