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My word: What takes you to your happy place?

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The sound of water whooshing out of the tap and into the sink.

The feeling of soapy water bubbling over my hands.

The repetitive motions, undivided attention and uninterrupted silence. Active, open attention to the present. “Mindfulness”, psychologists call it.

The feeling of accomplishment.

Perhaps that’s what makes washing dishes so fulfilling and stress-relieving for me.

Yes, washing dishes. And I’m not weird.

Apparently, a recent study conducted by researchers at Florida State University showed that washing dishes is actually relaxing. One psychologist, Dr Aric Sigman, even found that washing dishes has a similar effect as visiting a spa.

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Perhaps you’re thinking washing dishes couldn’t possibly have the same effect on you since you hate the chore so much. But does it matter how and where you get your fix of relaxation?

Some people wash dishes, some go to the spa, some watch movies, some work out. Some even jump off cliffs and bungee jump or parasail.

Others dance, like Moesha Kibibi, the only female member of the FBI Dance Crew Kenya.

What’s keeping you going right now? How do you find your happy place? What keeps you alive?

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