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How to make tofu tasty

Tofu is a great meat alternative (Photo: Courtesy)

Tofu is a healthy, protein-rich, soybean curd that can be used as a meat alternative, however most people find it unappetisingly bland. Here are a few simple tips to turn your tofu into a delicious meal.

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· Drain the tofu, cut into thick slices or cubes and soak in hot, salty water for 15 minutes. This works better than a marinade at penetrating the tofu to flavour it.

Allow tofu to drain well (Photo: Courtesy)

· Drain the salt-water then lay the pieces flat between two tea towels and place a heavy object over it to press the moisture out. The dryer it is, the better it browns.

· Cook the tofu on high heat in a single layer with space in between to prevent it stewing,

· If making a stir-fry, remove the tofu from the pan, cook the vegetables, then return the tofu at the last minute. This prevents it from breaking down.

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