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Five diet tips to consider for New Year resolutions

Well, having eating healthy as one of your new priorities is a good thing, going the “eat healthier this year” way is best. Healthy eating resolutions are some of the hardest to achieve goals and thus requires a preplanned approach and execution. To have better success in healthy eating, you should consider breaking down your plan into mini-goals like the healthy eating tips outlined here

  1. Cutting back on sugar

 Cutting back on your sugar intake takes some time as it is a gradual process, but as soon as you begin to cut back on it, you realize that you actually do not need a lot of it like you initially thought.

  1. Including non-starchy veggies in your breakfast

Adding vegetables to meals is normally easy to do during lunch and dinner as compared to breakfast. As thus, you have to embrace yourself for it and make it a habit to have a small serving of non-starchy veggies every mealtime.

  1. Eating more mindfully

If you want to eat healthier this year, then practicing mindful eating is a must-do for you. You should work on settling down and not rushing through meals. Take your time to taste and appreciate all that you put in your mouth. Food is such a delightful sensory experience and you should get the most of the privilege it is. Mindful eating will help you with weight management, portion control, as well as digestion.

  1. Having a meal plan

Having a weekly meal plan comes in handy as it saves money and time, and helps you eat better. Meal prep resolution is a positive, no restriction form of healthy eating and it does not even involve dieting. Come up with a weekly meal plan and aim for the lighter seasonal fares like vegetable soups.

  1. Eating out less often

It is common for you to be eating out at restaurants and even at your friends’ places. Well, when you are not cooking, you have less control over what you are eating. In some way, all the merry making eating out can result in some extra fat, sugar and salt in your system.

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