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Six ways to avoid wedding photography disasters

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Bad photography can ruin memories of your special day forever. The most depressing part is that once it is done, it can never be undone. Anyone with a good camera can pass themselves as professional photographers.

Here are a few tips that can make hiring someone a lot simpler and leave you with few surprises when you get your wedding photos.

1. Cheap is expensive

If you are going to hire a cheap photographer be sure to get cheap photography services. Invest in photography as it will cement the memories of your big day. It is advised that you work with someone who is experienced.

2. Do your research

It’s not good enough to vet through a photographer’s portfolio and trust him to do a good job. Couples have to do their own research as well: check out the locales that you will be going for the shoot and view pictures of the place online.

3. Always have a back up

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A friend of mine had a wedding and contracted photography and videography from the same person. The day went well and he did a good job. Trouble came in when the person he hired went out and drunk themselves silly. Unfortunately, he had the raw footage and photos with him while he was partying. He was involved in a fight and lost his equipment together with the footage. And just like that, my friend lost memories of her big day. Moral of the story; Have a back up plan. Hire someone else to shadow the main photographer. You never know.

4. Check the pics

It's always good to see the first few test shots. Give the photographer time to get the angle and lighting right but once he is ready to shoot, ask to see the first snap. If there is something you don’t like about it, raise the issue up immediately. After he's finished shooting, check the pics again to see if there are a few options that you like. If not, let the photographer know.

5. Schedule a trial or two

You want to look like yourself on your wedding day…only better. Remember that trials are your best friend. They’re a way for you to figure out what really looks good on you without having to fully commit. Be willing to stray from your original vision.

6. Pay attention to the little things

Are your tags tucked? Your tan lines covered? Does your love have a poppy seed stuck in his front teeth? These little details will have a big impact on how your photos come out. Ask your maid of honor to keep an eye on you and give her free reign to tell you to stand up straight and tuck your bra back into your dress if it peeks out during your ceremony.

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